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Aleksandra Zee x Soukie Modern


Taib, Soukie Modern founder

Aleksandra Zee is located in Joshua Tree and is native to California. She is an artist, woodworker, and designer with a degree in Fine Arts. Aleksandra is known for her wooden designs that range from room filling installations, wall hanging pieces, and sculptures that can fit in any environment.

Neutral tones and minimal shapes are the building blocks for each piece she makes. Textiles and blankets are the original inspiration behind Aleksandra Zee’s artwork. Partnering with Lofti of Soukie Modern is a natural return home to the origin of where her work started. 

Taib Lotfi was born and raised in Assoliy village in Morocco. As a child Taib grew up around looms and the process of weaving. Typically men in the villages did not weave, Taib was always curious about the process of weaving and the wool. His curiosity sparked his creativity to bring new patterns to those he had grown up seeing as a child. When he started his business it was integral for him to bring a loom with him to show the imitate process of creating a rug by creating the warp and weaving.  

With a focus on creating a timeless design, color, quality of the fiber. 

He searches and uses for the finest braids of wool, with the best properties. 

Each weaver has their own technique learned from generations before them. 

This collection was the caveat to create an atelier in Morocco. Working with local artist weavers in Aguelmous.

Soukie Modern is a Morocccan-owned brand based in Palm Springs + Pioneer Town, CA that offers a finely curated collection of vintage Moroccan rugs, textiles and home accessories.

We are available 11-5 PST Thursday-Monday in-person and by phone or email seven days a week to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more.


Palm Springs, CA. * By Appointment Only

Mane Street, Pioneertown, CA, 92268

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