Purple with Multicolored Design Wool Talsint

$1,300.00 USD
Size: 5'7'' x 11'3''
Color: Purple w/ Others
Style: Talsint
Material: Wool
Talsint rugs are a unique type of Moroccan handmade wool rug, known for their bold, geometric patterns and vibrant colors. These rugs are made in the Talsint region of mid-western Morocco by semi-nomadic shepherded families, and are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Unlike other Moroccan rugs, Talsint rugs are made with a specific type of wool that is known for its soft texture and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. These rugs are usually long and narrow, yet light and easy to carry when tents are being folded down during moves. As the nomads have started to settle, their moves are less frequent and they have started creating smaller rugs. Most of what comes from the Talsint region are smaller rugs, yet they are very artistic and often decorated with upcycled materials. Perfect for adding a touch of Moroccan flair to any space, Talsint rugs are easy to clean and suitable for both traditional and modern home decor styles.

Soukie Modern is a Morocccan-owned brand based in Palm Springs + Pioneer Town, CA that offers a finely curated collection of vintage Moroccan rugs, textiles and home accessories.

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